The Class 56 Group

Month: March 2022

  • 56301 – update

    We are well aware that our attempts to provide updates on the progress of repairs on 56301 has seen a number of ‘false dawns’ in terms of deadlines which have come and gone. One wheelset was causing issues and it has been away at the South Devon Railway being overhauled. It should hopefully be returned […]

  • Working parties on 56006

    Regular working parties continue on 56006. These normally take place on the middle Sunday of each month but occasionally vary due to the shift patterns of a couple of key volunteers. Next working dates are Mon 14th and Tue 15th March. 10th April 2022 (Sunday) In an effort to encourage some much needed volunteers to […]

  • Update – Gridiron 135 has gone to the printers

    C56G members will be relieved to hear that the next edition of Gridiron has finally gone to the printers and is expected to drop through letter boxes in the next couple of weeks.