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Livery query – appeal for information

Always on the look out for rare class 56 images on ebay this picture was spotted recently. Taken at Worksop in 1983 it is interesting because the electrification warning flash is located in a central position on the horn grille rather than the more normal 2 flashes one on either side of the cab front.

I asked a question on WNXX and received responses indicating 56028 had been photographed with this single warning flash at both ends.

Of interest it also came to light that a number , if not all, the Romanian locos were delivered with no warning flashes.

If anyone has any images or knowledge of any other examples of locos wearing this unusual feature please feel free to contribute on WNXX or e.mail at the Chair@…… e.mail on the contacts section of this website.

Apologies to the ebay seller for not requesting permision to use this image but the auction had ended before I had the chance to ask. Given its part of research into the class 56 I’ve assumed it would be allowed under the fair use copyright rules? Please contact us if you’d be willing to relist the item as I’d be keen to purchase it.