The Class 56 Group

Month: September 2020

  • 56301 Update (dated 19th September 2020)

    UKRL report 56301 is now sat down on the replacement set of bogies (with 56301s original traction motors refitted back under the loco) One traction pad is reported defective and is being replaced and then the loco just needs traction motor cables and bellows reconnected and 56301 should be moving about under her own power […]

  • Update – 56006 (Dated 19th September 2020)

    Several recent work parties have seen steady progress on the locomotive. Carried out under the Covid-19 guidelines a three day spell in early September saw several jobs completed. One of the main ones was the topping up of the traction motor gearcase lubricant. This has been checked previously and although there was lubricant in the […]

  • 56006 – one mystery solved, another unanswered.

    As you may recall 56006 was running around for a very long time a crazed cab quaterlight on the drivers side at No 1 end. Unfortunately this was broken a few summers ago when some vandals threw a stone through it. The broken glass was removed and a standard Romanian piece of glazing offered into […]