The Class 56 Group

56301 expected back from Peak Forest under cover of darkness

Update on 12th March

As expected a path has been entered into the railway system for the 40mph transfer of 56301 back from Peak Forest to Leicester UKRL.

Departure is 23:57 on Wednesday 13th March and arrival is 03:44 the morning of Thursday 14th March.

Not that anyone other than those whose work nightshift or on the railway themselves will probably see this movement but passing times are approx 0100 at Hope, 0200 at Chesterfield and 0300 at Clay Cross.

Just thinking about it is making me feel sleepy……



With the arrival of 56081 & return of 56098 to Peak Forest, 56301 is released to return back to Leicester for the planned bogie exchange. We were aware 56301 has suffered slight wheel flats and will be restricted to 40mph during the journey. It is likely this trip will be arranged overnight to minimise disruption.

If we receive advance notice of the movement we will post it here.