The Class 56 Group

56301 power unit repairs

17/06/17 – work on 56 301 is nearing completion. The loco has undergone no load tests and the roof and exhaust sections are being refitted prior to the loco undergoing a loadbank test . The work has been interupted several times , with our consent , to allow UKRL to get other mainline locos back into traffic, these have been ROGs locos which have required urgent attention .

01/04/17 Reassembly work should commence this coming week after a slight delay as anumber of cylinder heads required further attention before refitting.

22/3/17 UKRL report that the cylinder liners have been returned from the subcontractor and all pistons ,connecting rods, and crankshaft journals have been inspected and gauged .

Two cylinder heads were found to have leaking valves and these have been repaired. The heads will be repainted prior to refitting.

Reassembly and testing will commence over the next week and the power unit run in during a load bank test.


Work is progressing well with the cylinder heads, pistons and connecting rods all removed for inspection. The components have all been marked up and laid out by the side of 56301 on pallets -see attached photograph.

Next the cylinder liners will be removed and sent to a specialist contractor for honing to restore the all important surface finish which is critical in ensuring the piston rings can do their job of keeping the combustion gases and lubricating oil where they should be.


56301 has been taken into the main shed at Leicester and the  main roof section had been removed.


56301 will have a top end overhaul carried out at UKRL Leicester during the next few weeks.

The work has become necessary as 56301 was burning oil as a result of unavoidable periods spent idling whilst on the DCR operated Railvac duties.

Further work is necessary to ensure the locomotive is able to operate on Network Rail. This includes a bogie swap with 56006 as the tyres on 56301 have had their last turn but will be fine to go under 56006 for use in preservation. 56301 would  also need a B10 exam before any return to traffic.

The bogie swap and B exam are being deferred and will only be carried out if some form of guaranteed mainline contract hire is secured for 56301.