Due to the delays to publication of Gridiron , many members will be unaware of the regular working parties taking place on the last Sunday of each month. As a result we’ve only had two or three people attending and progress is slow. With the next scheduled work for 56006 being late June ( but with the possibility of a late May outing ) we need to ramp up our efforts, hence this appeal.

The next working day is on Sunday 31st March.and ( followed by 28/4, 26/5 & 30/6 etc)

We have several tasks scheduled but the main one for the 31st March is to prepare the site for our storage container to be delivered in early April. We need to level the ballast and lay down concrete sleepers to make a level base for the container.

There are other jobs to do on 56006 which don’t involve lifting and shovelling !

Please get in touch via the chair@ ….. e.mail in the contact section of this website  if you feel able to come along and help.

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