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  • Update 28th February 2021 – 56301 start up

    First of all a belated happy birthday to 56006-  It was 25th February 1977, 44 years ago , when the C56Gs locomotive became the first Class 56 accepted into traffic by British Rail. Due to the restrictions little work has taken place on the loco but plans are being made for the resumption of working […]

  • 56301 Update (dated 19th September 2020)

    UKRL report 56301 is now sat down on the replacement set of bogies (with 56301s original traction motors refitted back under the loco) One traction pad is reported defective and is being replaced and then the loco just needs traction motor cables and bellows reconnected and 56301 should be moving about under her own power […]

  • Update – 56006 (Dated 19th September 2020)

    Several recent work parties have seen steady progress on the locomotive. Carried out under the Covid-19 guidelines a three day spell in early September saw several jobs completed. One of the main ones was the topping up of the traction motor gearcase lubricant. This has been checked previously and although there was lubricant in the […]

  • 56301 and 56006 update

    56301 and 56006 update

    Final work to reunite our mainline registered locomotive 56301 with its replacement tyres(ex 56007) and its original traction motors is underway at UKRL’s Leicester facility and the attached image shows the locomotive during these works. The photo is courtesy of UKRL. Please remember UKRL’s Leicester site is not open to the public although locomotives on shed can be […]

  • 56301 -future up in the air

    56301 -future up in the air

    23rd February 2020. 56301 is now sat on its replacement bogies ( ex 56007) and awaits final reconnection of traction motor cables. The 6 traction motors were checked for their electrical insulation readings before they left Longport but we’re reading low when checked again at Leicester. The motors will undergo drying out and further insulation  […]

  • 56006 3 ROUND TRIPS TOMORROW SAT 18th January 2020.

    56006 ready for work. 56006 will be working top and tail with 47402 (D1501) tomorrow Saturday 18th January on the diesel turn . First run is 0915 from Bury to Heywood and locos will work 3 ROUND TRIPS. 56006 should be leading on Heywood – Rawtenstall legs.

  • 56006 B exam and running day 18th January 2020

    Our small but dedicated team of volunteers will be at Bury all next week and working on a number of jobs which form part of the planned maintenance work which comprises a B exam. Over the coming weeks and months these jobs will be addressed and 56006 will have received a B exam. We are […]

  • 56301 progress on bogie exchange

    Update 23rd Jan 2020 Bogies arrived at UKRL and 56301 is currently inside shed and worn bogies are disconnected in preparation for exchange which is to take place next week. 12th Jan 2020 GBRf have confirmed the donor bogies have finally been removed from 56007 at Longport and should be delivered to the wheel is […]

  • C56G Container delivered to East Lancashire Railway

    C56G Container delivered to East Lancashire Railway

    The group took delivery of a 20′ ex shipping container for use as an onsite  store and workshop. This will greatly assist in looking after 56006 as we can transfer parts and tools required to be close by rather than off site or in a car boot. The container was delivered by Lion Containers who […]

  • Class 56 Group headboard

    While riding 56006 during Fridays FXP I remembered we had the Class 56 Group headboard on board (so to speak) I asked the crew for permission to add it to the front of the loco next to the FXP headboard. However it is certainly showing signs of age and doesn’t really present a good image […]