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  • 56006 – one mystery solved, another unanswered.

    As you may recall 56006 was running around for a very long time a crazed cab quaterlight on the drivers side at No 1 end. Unfortunately this was broken a few summers ago when some vandals threw a stone through it. The broken glass was removed and a standard Romanian piece of glazing offered into […]

  • Livery query – appeal for information

    Livery query – appeal for information

    Always on the look out for rare class 56 images on ebay this picture was spotted recently. Taken at Worksop in 1983 it is interesting because the electrification warning flash is located in a central position on the horn grille rather than the more normal 2 flashes one on either side of the cab front. […]

  • Your Questions Answered: Railfreight Red Stripe

    Tuesday 17/04/18 Your questions answered! Site visitor Michael Hall asks: “I’m after some info regarding liveries. I’m after which Romanian grids were painted in red stripe Railfreight livery. Can anyone help me?” As far as can be ascertained, the following ‘Grids’ all carried Railfreight red stripe livery; 56003, 011, 019, 044, 048, 049, 052, 067, 068, […]