The Class 56 Group

Class 56 Group headboard

While riding 56006 during Fridays FXP I remembered we had the Class 56 Group headboard on board (so to speak)

I asked the crew for permission to add it to the front of the loco next to the FXP headboard. However it is certainly showing signs of age and doesn’t really present a good image for a group whose aim is to restore our locomotives into top condition.

After 56006 was stabled for the night and tarpaulin refitted I took the headboard home and started to think what could be done.Rather than remake the entire headboard I really wanted to save Carl Rayner’s original artwork as its become a well known feature when 56006 and 56301  (and 56040 before them) were out running at diesel galas.

Before and after pictures below.

Just needs a coat of varnish and ready for traffic!