The Class 56 Group

Current status of our locomotives – 56006 & 56301

56006 – Out of traffic at Baron Street, Bury. The technical team are awaiting the purchase of a megger tester which allows the insulation to be checked on the locomotive’s cables and electrical equipment. We suspect the fault is due to damp in the system and we need the megger tester to trace the problem. We also need some slightly more pleasant weather to carry out the work. The meter will be on order today but the delivery on the better weather is yet to be determined!

56301  Currently in ‘T’ status (i.e awaiting transfer to a maintenance facility). The loco is currently located at Bletchley Civil Engineers Sidings after triggering the Network Rail wheel check monitors while being towed from Wembley to Leicester for assesment of the wheel flats. The original plan was to put the loco on a wheel skate, but the cost and finding a path (even at night) on the WCML was thought to be unpractical. The plan is now likely to be a road move, probably direct to a wheel lathe facility.