The Class 56 Group

DCR loco sale

4/12/17 56128 has moved by road to Booth’s at Rotherham. 56311 & 56312 were delivered by rail to Leicester. 56303 is still active and was last reported in the North bay at Derby or at the RTC nearby.

25/11/17 – Reports elsewhere that DCR’s new owners are retaining 56303, 56091 & 56103 with 56128, 56311 & 56312 going to Booth’s scrap yard in Rotherham.

Given we’re approaching the deadline for clearance of Washwood Heath for HS2, movements should be taking place in the next couple of weeks and destinations should confirm or dispel the above info.

In the spirit of the approaching Christmas party game season, the C56G believe at least one of the above predictions is incorrect but can’t say too much at the moment. Work that one out!