The Class 56 Group

December 2017 workings

14/12/17 – 56301 has worked the 0349 Wembley to Foxton and should work the 1228 return. 56301 is again working this duty solo and should also perform tomorrow.

No news on the 56 allocated for the Jolly Grid Railtour this weekend but watch this space.

11/12/17 – 56087 is reported on TOPS as working a 0600 Grangemouth – Rotherham Booths PS. Realtime Trains shows the working but has no reported passing times, so it’s not certain this has actually run. IF IT DOES RUN, A RETURN WORKING IS SHOWING AS 1914 DEPARTURE WITH A 07XX ARRIVAL BACK AT GRANGEMOUTH (TUESDAY).

10/12/17 – 56301 ran from Derby to Leicester, collected 47815 & 47813 and then worked a 1330 Leicester to Wembley. The 47s were being positioned to work the Barrington/Foxton train this week. A second train is expected to start at some point but traction is unspecified at this point.

09/12/17 – 56301 was summoned from Wembley to rescue 37608 which had problems in the Bletchley area whilst hauling the 5Q58 Leicester – Ramsgate EMU move conveying a class 375 EMU. 56301 took the train through to Ramsgate and returned with another unit to Derby.

9/12/17 Saturday – 56303 ran as 1030 Derby RTC to Washwood Heath to collect 56091 & 56103 and return as 1330 Washwood Heath – Leicester. That will see probably the largest gathering of ‘grids’ at one location in many years.

4/12/17 – 56096 should run as 6Z07 1028 Washwood Heath – Llanwern (attached photograph courtesy of and copyright Duncan Jennings)

56301 is back at Wembley awaiting further duties. The Bow – Calvert looks like it’s not going to be 56 powered but 56301 should find gainful employment soon.

56094 & 56302 are operating the North Wales RHTT circuit .