The Class 56 Group

February 2018 workings

Wed 14th Feb 2018.

56301 set out behind 56303 heading back to Leicester for repairs and wheel set inspection, following damage sustained to a wheel set. However, the loco triggered a wheel check sensor and Network Rail put the loco into the civil engineers sidings at Bletchley for inspection, after which the loco should go forward at a reduced speed (likely overnight) to Leicester.

56s on oil trains seems to be the flavour of the month so far in February, with the Grangemouth pair working to and from Prestwick and Dalston. Unusually, 56078 and 56096 paired up on the 3rd Feb to work the Dalston train.

56094 & 56105 have worked the Lindsey – Preston tanks on at least the 6th, 8th and 9th February.

The photo accompanying this web page was kindly provided by Class 56 Group member Gareth Yates and Gareth has also provided links to a couple of YouTube videos, featuring the pair at work on the 6th and 8th February.

The month started with the Colas fleet being the only 56s doing much work. The ex DCR fleet and UKRL fleets were all at Leicester except our very own 56301 which is still sat at Wembley awaiting a tow back to Leicester for maintenance.

On the 1st February, the Colas fleet was as follows:

Nottingham Eastcroft – 56049/051/087/090/302

Grangemouth – 56078 / Carlisle – 56096 (working the Prestwick and Dalston duties respectively)

Millerhill – 56113

Doncaster 56105

Bescot 56094