Tuesday 10th July 2018

Following a couple of unsuccessful attempts, the first number of class 56s purchased by GBRf were finally moved from Leicester LIP to the EMD facility at Longport on Friday morning (6th July). 66769 was deployed to undertake the movement, which ran as 0M70 conveying 56031, 56032, 56037 & 56311. These four join 56009, which arrived at Longport by road on the morning of 29th June from Shackerstone.  In addition, a new pool code has been created for all but one of the 56s located at Longport, with 56031/032/037 moving from UKRS to GBGS and 56311 from HTLX to GBGS. 56069, which is still at Leicester, has also moved to this new pool from UKRS. 56009 is not currently registered to the system and hasn’t been for a number of years.

56090 has now been released into circulation with Colas Railfreight, double-heading the 6M32 Lindsey Oil Refinery – Preston Docks (Ribble Rail) and 6E32 return with classmate 56094, both today and yesterday. The pair should remain on this flow all week.

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