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Friday 29th June 2018

Although the rearranged movement of GBRf class 56s from Leicester to Longport did once again not take place yesterday, 56009 (which is one of the sixteen sold to GBRf) was successfully moved away by road from Shackerstone (Battlefield Line Railway) to Longport, being sighted on the A50 heading westbound during the afternoon.

DC Rail’s 56103 made an appearance on the Barrington spoil train on Monday, with Garcia Hanson’s 50008 dead in train for insurance, this being 56103’s first loaded mainline freight working for some time. Although currently running sporadically, it is thought the trains will settle down into a more regular diagram again in the near future. Another trip is planned for next Monday (2nd July) which should feature the same locos.

Following damage sustained during an accident at Wembley earlier this month, it would appear that 56303 has been sold to UK Rail Leasing from RMS Locotec. The locomotive had been on hire to DC Rail but has also been used by Loram on Rail Grinder movements.



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