The Class 56 Group

March 2017- Grid news round up


56078,56087 ran as 1200 0C51 Doncaster -Whitemoor

56302 , 56312. 56105 and 56113 are all located as they were 30/3/17

56094 has run to Tyne and 56096 had a trip to Toton with 60076 and then teturned to Shrewesbury Coleham.


56312  waabled at Eastleigh Arlington . How it got there is still uncertain.

56078+56087 are currently at Doncaster Up Decoy

56105 has run back to Washwood Heath and 56113 is still at Doncaster CHS

56096 is paired up with 60076 and working overnight engineering trips to Dee Marsh Jcn which depart Basford around 1745 and are routed via Stafford and Shrewsbury.

They returned  at 0600 arriving back at Crewe Basford around 1019

56094 still at Washwood Heath and working Boston Steel as required.

56302 is back at Grangemouth .


56078+56087 were located at Doncaster Up Decoy

56105+56113 at Doncaster CHS

56096 is paired up with 60076 and working overnight engineering trips to Dee Marsh Jcn which depart Basford around 1745 and are routed via Stafford and Shrewsbury.

56094 still at Washwood Heath and working Boston Steel as required.

56302 is back at Grangemouth .



No known workings yet but

56078+56087 are currently located at Doncaster Up Decoy Yard

56094 is at Washwood Heath and has been a regular performer on the Boston steel trip

56096 is back at Shrewesbury(Coleham )

56105+56113 are located at Tyne

56302 is at Grangemouth


22/3/17   56078+56087 worked light as 0C55 2340 Tyne- Doncaster CHS

56105+56113 worked out to Knottingley South Jcn as 6C52 1748 departure from Tyne Yard.

56096 ran light as 0Z56 1910 Basford Hall- Coleham (Shrewesbury)

21/3/17      56078/087 worked to 6C52 1813 Knottingley South Jcn on an overnight Railvac and returned with a 0537 departure from site  56105/113  worked an out and back 23330 trip to Boldon West Junction.

56096 worked out to Rhly and returned on 6C46 Rhyl- Crewe Basford Hall.

56302 worked 6R46  Grangemouth -Prestwick and return

56303 is still at Derby but no news on any planned workings yet.

56081 & 56098 took a  Railvac from Leicester to Doncaster Up Decoy . Departure from Leicester was 1030 under headcode 6X23 . The locos returned to Leicester departing Decoy Yard 1520

20/3/17     56078/087/105/113 are at Tyne and look set to operate railvac duties. This weeks destination seems to be Knottingley area

56302 is at Grangemouth so presumably will drop onto the twice weekly tanks to Grangemouth and possibly some workings to Dalston which are normally handled by a Colas class 60.

56303 is still at Derby but no news on any planned workings yet.

19/3/17 56078 + 56087  and 56105+56113 returned to Tyne rather than Doncaster after the weekends engineering trips .

56302 was back at Grangemouth having (presumably worked the return Dalston – Grangemouth tanks.

18/3/17 56302 worked 6C33 Carlisle – Dalston tanks

17/3/17    56302 is on todays Grangemouth- Prestwick tank train 6R46 (departed 0641 arr due at 1011) and should return on 1258 Prestwick – Grangemout arriving  1607.

56105+56113 joined 56087+56078 at Doncaster West Yard and took weekend engineering trains to Bradley Jcn and Wrawby Jcn

56096 ran as 0Z56 from Washwood Heath to Nuneaton and back with 50017 + 50050 in tow.


56105+56113 ran light to Washwood heath at 0902 then set off for Doncaster leaving Washwood Heath at  1200

56302 managed to get from Carlisle to Grangemouth, on the returning Dalston- Grangemouth tanks on which 56302 topped 60085 from Carlisle

Wednesday 15/3/17

56087 ran back to Washwood Heath (1000 ex Basford) and joined up with 56078 to run as 1400 Washwood Heath Doncaster West yard. 56087 + 56096 had earlier worked out and back to Farrington Jcn near Preston.

56302 ran to Carlisle yard as 1650 Basford Hall- Carlisle Yard Colas Rail. 60076 is also at Carlisle so the pair may take up some top and tail engineering duties at some point.

56105, 56113 remain at Basford Hall

56096 is back at Washwood Heath

56094 seems to be the designated loco for the Boston job

56312 is still in Wembley yard and visible from passing trains (depending on whats in the sidings in front)

56303 remains in the north bay at Derby station.


Sunday 12/3/17

No reports on which locos worked but the 4 Colas 56s at Crewe should have covered the following over the weekend

0840 Holywell Jc back to Basford (arr 0951)

0930 Rhyl back to Basford (this train left at 0440 is now back at Basford)

Saturday 10/3/17

2231 to Rhyl (arr 2335)

2243 to Holywell jcn (arr 2345)


56096+56302 worked a 2356 (Thursday 9/3/17) Basford Hall- Hollywell Jcn and 56087+56113 worked a 0029  Basford Hall- Hollywell Jcn

They returned as 6C48 0414 Hollywell- Basford and 6C49 0443 Hollywell – Basford

56303 was staged at York Holgate Sidings on its trip from Bishop Aukland to Derby yesterday (9/3/17) and continued today as 1007 York Holgate- Derby , then 1307 Derby- Crewe.

After dropping off 47712 & 47192 , 56303 returned light as 1659 Crewe-Derby.


56303 run as 0929 Derby- Bishop Aukland taking 31106 to the Weardale railway . It has been mentioned that a couple of class 47s were to be collected bu thet is unconfirmed. 56303 (with or without anything on the hook ) is booked  to return at 1634 back to Derby.

8/3/17- new entry for 1st Feb entered below see italics

8/3/17 Colas sent 56087+56113+56302 as 0730 Washwood Heath- Basford Hall. They join 56078, 56096 & 56105 and the gathering indicates another weekend of engineering duties is in the pipeline

56303 ran 0933  Derby to Butterley to collect 31106. Returndeparture was 1122 back to Derby.

7/3/17– 56302 was despatched as 04:07 Washwood Heath – Sleaford and worked back as the 08:30 Sleaford – Washwood Heath working.

56081 + 56098 ran light as 0920 Leicester to Doncaster Wood Yard to collect a railvac. They returned at 1325 under headcode 6X59 and our picture shows them passing Rotherham Masborough. ( photo courtesy of C56G member R Byers )

Elsewhere 56303 returned to use for DCR and collected 31452 from Derby .303 ran north as the 1200 ex Washwood Heath and worked south as the 1400 depatrure from Derby.

6/3/17 – 56094 worked the Boston steel trip but appears to have got no further than Sleaford on the return working. It was 160mins down on arrival there.

5/3/17 – Rather than working back from Oxenholme 56096 worked back as the 0900 Preston Flyde Junction- Crewe Basford Hall.  ( it had been thought it could work back as the 1145 back from Oxenholme ) and 56105+56078 left the worksite at Appleby just before 0600 some 2 hours earlier than booked.

56087 +56113 repeated previous duties and worked a 00:08 Whitemoor- Littleport ( near Ely on the Kings Lynn line) engineers working . They returned to Whitemoor on a 0705 Littleport-Whitemoor conveying 2 autoballasters.

4/3/17 56096 worked 6C57 18:21 Basford Hall – Oxheys Up passenger loop( north of Carnforth on the WCML)  , with an engineering train.  56105 & 56078 top and tailed 6C56 1611 Basford Hall – Appleby .

3/3/17 56078+56096+56105 ran north as 1300 Washwood Heath- Crewe Basford Hall Yard. A trip to Appleby on the S&C is booked to depart Basford at 1611 Sat 3/3 and booked to return 0800 Sun 4/3. The Colas 56s worked this on a previous weekend so there is a chance (but no guarantee) that two of the locos could be on this duty. Other engineering trains from Basford seem to be heading for Euxton Jcn & Chorley areas.

2/3/17 News is just emerging that yesterday (1/3/17) 56312 ran light to assist 92032 which was working  6S94 0230 Dollands Moor- Irvine china Clay working . 6S94 appears to have been assisted from Mitre Bridge Jcn and 56312 +92032 departed there appox 220 minutes late. It is believed that the 92 had some issue when switching from third rail to overhead suppy in the Mitre Bridge area.

56087+56113 worked 6C58 0532  Dryburgh Jcn to  Doncaster Belmont Down Yard then worked 1300 light to Whitemoor Yard.

1/3/17  56087+56113 worked 2225 Doncaster to Dryburgh Jcn

56087 +56113 are stabled in Doncaster Carriage Holding Sidings after running light from Washwood Heath on the 28th Feb. (13:40 WWH- DON CHS) . No booked workings in the system as yet.

56312 is still at Wembley but no Foxton / Barrington training runs are in the system for this week yet.

56078+56302 ran LD as 0C66 22:10 Whitemoor to Sheffield via Ipswich late on 1st February. These then returned with 6C66 02:00 Sheffield to Whitemoor (2nd Feb) by the same route.