The Class 56 Group

Overdue update- covering Period Feb 2020 to June 2020

56006 – several visits were made during February to attend to 56006 ahead of the anticipated Spring and Summer running days and Gala visits (NYMR and then the home gala at the ELR)

Of course the Covid-19 lockdown then put paid to any further attention to the loco. Fortunately things are now improving and restrictions are being eased. We plan an initial working party on Sunday 5th July and this is restricted to three volunteers and we have been involved with the ELR on risk assesments  etc and we will be working to the guidelines issued by the ELR as well as our own common sense about what feels right and what feels wrong. Fortunately diesel locos are made up of several internal compartments so keeping three volunteers in different locations to maintain safe distancing  isn’t too much of a problem.

56301- GBRf have issued a purchase order to UKRL covering the swapping of the traction motors onto  the ex 56007 bogies and the work is progressing. four motors are removed and two still to remove, 56301 will then be jacked up and reunited with its original traction motors. It will be quite an emotional day for 56301 as the social distancing rules have kept the loco and motors apart for almost as long as the covid-19 lockdown has been in place!

Seriously UKRL expect this work to be completed by the 2nd or 3rd week in July.

We can then look forward to getting 56301 ready for the mainline and wait and see what work is forthcoming.

Sorry for the long gap between updates, which has been down to a combination of the lockdown, working from home and ultimately very little happening to our locos (and little being reported on the railways in general ) because of the lockdown.