The Class 56 Group

STOP PRESS – 56006 UNAVAILABLE FOR 23rd/24th Diesel Gala

Further to the unavailability of 56006 for the 2nd September running day, the planned repairs have not been possible due to availability of key personnel and illness.

56006 is therefore unavailable for this weekends Diesel Gala. The ELR have been informed this morning and we are greatly disappointed that our locomotive won’t be performing .

We are hopeful the repair is straightforward but the risk of causing greater damage by using the locomotive in its current condition is not one we are prepared to take.

Keith Bulmer, C56G Chairman.



Unfortunately 56006 will no longer operate the diesel turn on the 2nd September. The locomotive has developed a fault which resulted in the loss of one of the three phases on the auxiliary alternator output. This supply powers the compressors, blower motors and other essential systems on the locomotive. The technical team have been investigating and believe they know which component is defective, however further work is necessary to ensure this and also to ensure that repairs carried out would cure the problem, not just replace a part which has failed as a symptom of a deeper fault on the locomotive. Given it’s only a week to go, it isn’t going to be possible for our technical team to do the necessary work and we felt it only right to advise the ELR and everyone who might be planning on attending that 56006 will not be available.

We have a gala appearance at the ELR Autumn gala and the team are focused on getting 56006 fit for traffic for that at the end of September.

We will update when we know more.