Thursday 05/04/18.

56302 runs north through Huntingdon on 0Z58, April 5th 2018 a

Above: 56302 runs light engine northbound through Huntingdon today, working the 0Z58 Acton Lane Reception Sidings – Doncaster CHS route learning run. Photo kindly supplied by Robert Tarling.

56078 & 56113 6M32 Lindsey Oil Refinery – Preston Docks (Ribble Rail) & 6E32 return.

56094 6R46 Grangemouth Oil Terminal (Ineos) – Prestwick (BP Oil) & 6N47 return.

56302 0Z56 Doncaster CHS – Acton Lane Reception Sidings / 0Z57 Acton Lane RS – Acton Lane RS / 0Z58 Acton Lane RS – Doncaster CHS.

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