The Class 56 Group

Thursday 23/08/18: Latest news

Thursday 23/08/18

56103 – Spray painted, rather than vinyl wrapped as was first anticipated, the repaint of 56103 into DC Rail’s new corporate colours at Willesden is nearing completion. In a departure from the dark grey which was worn by former DC Rail fleet members 56311, 56312 and 31601, the new livery is primarily light grey / silver with black front window surrounds and a black roof.

56009 – A ‘guinea pig’ for GBRf’s class 56 re-engineering project, 56009 has been moved back outside at EMD’s Longport facility in Stoke-on-Trent. There are no visual clues to imply that any degree of actual work has yet taken place on the locomotive, the assumption being that it has merely been measured up ahead of work on its rebuild commencing.

Getting ready for Autumn – With Colas Rail set to expand their Rail Head Treatment Train (RHTT) operations this year, 56078 & 56090 have been used for some associated route learning this week. 090 worked the 0Z22 0800 Barnetby Sidings – Barnetby Sidings via Gainsborough, Worksop, Pinxton and Codnor Park Junction yesterday and the same working was then in the hands of 078 today.

General traffic notes – 56302 has seen continued use on the Grangemouth – Prestwick – Grangemouth fuel tank diagram both this week and last week. 090 & 096 handled the Lindsey – Preston Docks & return tanks on Tuesday, swapping with 078 & 113 yesterday. 090 then joined 113 in lieu of 078 on today’s train. 078 & 113 were also tasked to haul a rail discharge train at the beginning of the week, working Monday’s 6C77 Toton North Yard – St Mary’s Junction (Derby) followed by the 6C77 return during the early part of Tuesday morning. They then ran light engine to Barnetby Sidings.



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