The Class 56 Group

Update 4th September 2022


It is regretted that 56006 will not be available for the ELR September Gala. As explained previously to G56G members , the amount of work which can be completed by the small team of volunteers is the constraining factor. Recent appeals have not produced any additional volunteers.

The ELR Gala organisers have been informed and the 56 is not included in any publicity or rosters for the event.


The replacement wheelset was assembled into the bogie but still required to be turned to match the other two wheelsets in the bogie. After going to Roberts Road on a low loader the bogie returned during mid July and has now been refitted to the locomotive. Various other jobs had been completed prior to the return of the bogie . These included the removal and overhaul of one of the engine’s water pumps .

The loco was started and after completion of rotation tests on all 6 motors ( to check all rotating in same direction) the loco moved up and down the yard under its own power.

A number of small repairs were identified including both parking brake cylinders leaking , a small coolant leak form the radiator area and a TPWS fault.

Given the length of time spent out of service some components a had passed or approaching expiry dates. The OTMR unit will be replaced.

Given we have had several false dawn’s on the return to traffic, it would be unwise to guess at a date but given all the above issues can be resolved the next step will be a test run. Once we know GBRf’s plan for this test we will try to communicate this to members.

We are certainly getting close to having 56301 available for mainline duties.


Followers of the railway press or social media may know that 56097 is being put up for sale. A sale by tender is underway and the deadline for bids has passed and the result will be announced by the owner in due course.

56081 & 56098

Both locomotives are due to become class 69 locomotives in due course, but before they do a railtour and a gala appearance (56098 only) has been arranged to bid them farewell in their ‘Class 56’ configuration.

The railtour runs on the 17th September ( see UK Railtours website) but rail strikes have been announced for the same day and UKR should be making an announcement during the week commencing 5th September.

The SVR gala – 29th Sept- 2nd Oct- should feature 56098 – which has been been repainted into the Large Logo livery it carried when new ( with some white embellishments as applied by Tinsley Depot to identify locomotives which received F exams at the depot in the mid 80’s)