Pleased to report the tarpaulin fitted over the weekend of the AGM is doing its job as the inside of the locomotive is now bone dry. One unforeseen consequence is the lack of natural light- it wasn’t appreciated how much daylight was filtering into the loco through the cantrail air filter louvres.

Recent work has included the refitting of the floor plate in the radiator compartment. There are still some finishing off jobs to do, including some of the unpainted sections! and replacing the rubber seals around the bulkhead doors.

The turbocharger storm drains ( which allow rainwater entering the exhaust system to drain from the turbocharger) which require frequent cleaning to ensure water can escape and not damage the turbocharger.

Needless to say this B Exam job ticked all the boxes for a typical class 56 maintenance job in that the pipes were difficult to access, were blocked with carbon , the bolts were different between the free end drain and the alternator end drain.

The wheelslip circuitry from the top of the electrical cubicle was laid out and the new resistors checked off as being correct . A number of wires are corroded and some of the terminals on the 17 resistors were broken.

New crimps have been purchased and the correct specification of cable has been identified and will be purchased. It is planned to lay out the existing wiring loom, and then produce an exact copy of the loom using new cable and crimps. Only then will the old resistors be removed one at a time from the old wiring loom and the new replacement attached to the new loom.

56301– the loco went out on a short test run with 56081 on 12th October. The locos ran to Wembley to collect 92006 and take it to Loughborough. Following the test run 56301 requires some remedial works before it can be available for traffic.

General News:-

Following the announcement that 56097 and a range of spare parts were being put up for tender the Group made a bid on a range of spares. We were lucky enough to secure a number of these spares, many of which are unlikely to come available again.

Grids-The Class 56 Story- possible reprint.

Thoughts are being given to a short rerun of the above book. In order to judge demand and possible print run ( larger print run = lower selling price), it would be helpful if anyone wishing to secure a copy could register their interest via the chairAT e-mail address on the contact page.

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