The Class 56 Group

Work at Bury for arrival of C56G storage container

Preparations are underway for the arrival of a 20′ container.

The location has been identified and we need to add more ballast to the right hand edge of the current ballast shoulder and then site upturned concrete sleepers .

The ELR guys will use their telelifter to do the heavy lifting but we’ll need a team of volunteers to level the area and the sleepers so the container sits level.

The container will be used to store parts, tools and manuals we need when we work on 56006. Currently these are stored in volunteers homes and brought to site each time we go. Obviously having all the gear already there will make things a lot easier.

Of course without volunteers to use the tools it not going to be much use . If anyone wants to get in touch please use the e.mail addresses in the contact section of the website.